Que(e)ry LGBTQ Student Experience Survey


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About The Que(e)ry:

The Fordham Que(e)ry LGBTQ Student Experience Survey is a study conducted by a group of LGBTQ and Ally Fordham University students and faculty. This project was reviewed and approved by our Institutional Review Board, and was funded in part by an Undergraduate Research Grant from Fordham College Rose Hill. The Fordham Queery is serving as the pilot for a much larger, international project to replicate the study at other institutions. Find out more about this expansion and taking part.

Study Population:

The Queery is a study of both graduate and undergraduate students. At Fordham, students from all campuses and schools were recruited. Participants were surveyed about their experiences as sexual and/or gender minorities, these include LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer), genderqueer, questioning, asexual, and other students. All participants and responses are completely anonymous to protect LGBTQ students and encourage them to participate freely.

Study Purpose:

The Queery is a survey designed by LGBTQ and ally researchers at Fordham with the aim of being as inclusive as possible for everyone across the LGBTQ spectrum. Our goal is to study how the LGBTQ student community perceives incidents of bias and discrimination at their school, how that information spreads, and what effects it has.

Our insights are being used to validate and improve existing programs, and to inspire new community outreach for LGBTQ students. We have shared our findings with over 20 relevant offices and organizations at Fordham, including Safety and Security, The Office of Multicultural Affairs, Residential Life, the Faculty Senate, the Center for Teaching Excellence, Counseling and Psychological Services, and LGBT groups including PRIDE and Rainbow Allinace. Additionally, academic publications are in the draft and review stages.

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