Requesting Que(e)ry Data


Anyone who meets the following criteria may request access to data from the central Que(e)ry database:

  1. At least one member of your team must have previously contributed data to the database (by running the Que(e)ry survey at one or more colleges or universities).
  2. You must show proof of IRB or ethical review approval for your proposed use and handling of the data.

To request access to the data, please have a Que(e)ry collaborator who contributed data to the database contact PI Jeff Lockhart with the following:

  1. The name of the site for which you contributed data (so Jeff can find the record)
  2. A copy of your IRB/ethical approval to handle the data (including a copy of the request that was approved)
  3. A list or description of the data you want to access (e.g. any specific sites, identities, or questions)
    • Reasonable requests for “all the data” will be honoured, but often times more limited access will serve the same purpose, enhance privacy, and give you a cleaner data set to work with. (e.g., do you really need access to heterosexual respondents? Faculty or grad students? Questions about athletics? Questions that were only asked at one site?)
    • This can be a discussion that starts with “what data exists?” (As the database grows, more demographics and summary statistics will also appear on the website.)

Please bare in mind that the central database is a work in progress. Jeff receives data in many formats from sites that don't have identical sets of questions. While he strives to honour requests and answer questions swiftly, data munging can be a slow process, and he has other departmental and research obligations.