Participants' identity in this study is anonymous. Participants are not asked for identifying personal information and the survey will not track your IP address or other digitally identifying information. As members and allies of the LGBTQ community, we are aware and respectful that LGBTQ people often want privacy with regard to their identity, experiences, and feelings. As such, we have taken special precautions not only to ensure the confidentiality of responses, but also to ensure the anonymity of our respondents. Even the researchers on the project will not have access to your identity.

This Website:

Some pages on this website are connected to Google Analytics so that we know how many people view them. Google Analytics is only enabled on pages with public information, such as the home page, the letter of consent, this privacy page, and the contact us page. Analytics is not enabled on the survey itself or any pages related to taking the survey, so we collect no information about visitors to the participation or survey key webpages.

The Survey:

We have disabled all tracking features in the SurveyMonkey account associated with the survey. No digitally identifying information (IP addresses, browser information, etc.) is collected by the survey.

The Anonymous Keys:

In order to ensure that only Fordham students take the survey, we require that everyone taking the survey first obtains an anonymous key. The webpage that makes these keys does not store any identifying information about the people who visit it. To get a key, participants must enter their Fordham email address into the form. A new key is generated and sent to that address, then the address is forgotten, so that no one, including the researchers and the webmaster, knows what emails were entered on that page.

For more information about our privacy and cryptographic methods, contact our Principal Investigator, Jeff Lockhart. Jeff built and maintains this website, and is also a Computer Science student with research interests in digital privacy.