Interested Researchers


We are actively seeking researchers from more colleges and universities to join us in this collaborative, international project. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the PI, Jeff Lockhart.

What is the Que(e)ry?

The Queery is a collaboration between researchers and research teams at colleges and universities across North America to study LGBTQ students' experiences with and knowledge about hostility and inclusion. The study is administered as an anonymous online survey that contains both quantitative and open-ended questions. The Queery uses metrics and methods drawn from the cutting edge of sociology and community psychology research on campus climate and LGBTQ populations. Researcher(s) at each site retain their independence and autonomously administer their version of the survey. They agree to share their data with a central database in exchange for access to the survey instrument and the data from all other Queery sites.

How is the Queery different from the 2010 and 2012 Campus Pride studies, or other campus climate research?
  1. The Queery aims to leave researchers at many institutions with information about the challenges LGBTQ students face at their specific school and possible solutions to those challenges.
  2. Qualitative, open-ended questions provide richly nuanced data unavailable in previous studies of this size, or in national reports and data sets.
  3. While studies with both broader and more targeted populations are important for understanding campus climate, the Queery focuses specifically on issues facing graduate and undergraduate students. This allows analysis of a critical demographic and can support the development of institution-wide resources and programs.
  4. The Queery offers a unique perspective on campus climate: questions about students' perceptions of hostility, discrimination, and violence are tightly coupled with questions about the effects of these perceptions.

By the Numbers


Where is the Que(e)ry?

The Queery is at 11 sites and counting across the United States and Canada. Queery sites range across R-1s and small bachelorette colleges; public, private, and religious schools; and a variety of racial and socioeconomic demographics. Queery sites include:


In order to meet our twin goals of developing an international data set and allowing other researchers to take ownership of their own work, the Queery has set up these conditions for other researchers using the Queery survey instrument:

Researchers and interested parties are strongly encouraged to read more about the Queery on this site, review our community report and forthcoming academic publications, and reach out to our Principal Investigator, Jeff Lockhart.